Groovy Article from Om Times

Published November 4, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Raising Modern Shaman Children

by Veronica Tioicha

???????????????????????????Why teach children to speak to plants and rocks and animals? The truth is, they already do it. If you tell a 5 year old she can communicate with animals, not only will she believe you, she probably already knows how to. Children have this incredible natural connection to the spirit life around us. Our job is to nurture that. Do you see how all of us are born caretakers of the Earth? This is a gift not to be taken lightly and not to be discarded, as it so often seems it is.

So why encourage children to listen to the Earth and the Moon and the Stars? Because it has the ability to change our world. I refer to this as raising modern Shaman children but really it is just raising children to be conscious.

We need more children who grow up and still think like children. We need more grownups who still commune with nature and recognize its deep knowledge.

The Earth has the ability to heal us. Children know this. You can see it in the way they run around outside with their chests out and their heads lifted up to the sky. What we need is more adults who breathe in the outdoors in this way. We need more adults who understand just how powerful a healer Mother Nature can be. As a whole, we as adults have forgotten this and it is frighteningly evident in the current state of our planet.


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