For the Love of Dragons

Published November 7, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Dragons loom strongly within the realm of the occult. FB292_original Their symbolism is represented both literally in paintings and figurines  as well as  figuratively in legend and lore. Making history since the beginning of time, no matter which religion or theory you subscribe, or don’t subscribe to dragons have been around as long as time itself.            FB054_original

The followers of Paganism have also been around since the beginning of time and their faith is brimming with these mystical creatures. While Pagans have always worshiped the myriad of gods and goddesses within their culture, as well as embracing the fearsome awe of nature, there is a sect of dragon worshipers called Draconian Wiccans whose focus is on dragons as the representation of both god and goddess, light and dark, and complete balance.

Though not very closely related to Wicca, Draconian Wiccans follow a similar code of honor, and celebrate their own holidays utilizing different dragons to represent the four elements (earth, air, water, fire).  Their relationship with dragons is of a magickal nature as they communicate with them on an astral plane.  Just as some have their preferred god or goddess, Draconians have their preferred dragons which they honor.  Fly over to to find your dragon today.



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