Rune Your Life for Success

Published November 10, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Lovely, and brimming with mysticism, runes carry an ancient fortitude which time has not been able to erode.  Looking to the past the earliest runic inscriptions date back to around 150 AD being letters in an alphabetical set known as the runic alphabet.  10518842_562051037260867_3756623827722678999_n_400wThe runic alphabet was utilized to write numerous Germanic languages before the implementation of the Latin alphabet as the cultures underwent Christianisation.  Not to be dismissed so easily, runes were employed for special, mystical purposes in Northern Europe and continue in popularity for many reasons still unto this day.  The rural Swedes  used them for decorative purposes in Dalarna, and on Runic calendars.  From the Roman to Germanic Iron Age there is evidence of the existence of the erilaz, which is someone well versed in the powers of magickal runic applications.  Mankind has always known there was more to these inscriptions than just a form of writing.  Runes are a pure form of communication to our universal souls.

Today it is more commonly understood by the layman that runes are often used as tools in divination to predict one’s future by someone who has studied the cryptic inscriptions.  It should be understood that runes are a wonderful tool that are worth taking the time to study and understand.  10584096_562051523927485_6181860286920691050_n_400wThey can guide us to become more than what we believe we could be by assisting us in personal development, increasing our spiritual growth, and the advancement  of a universal consciousness throughout human societies and into the macrocosm.   Take control of your life and visit to get your runes and study guide now.  Namaste, luvs.runes_meaningbw


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