My Immortal Gargoyle

Published November 13, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

One of my favorite creatures, the Gargoyle, is described by many as ugly and misshapen. They consist of carved faces, chiefly of mythical animals, and can be frequently found as a waterway exit on a gutter, commonly attached to Gothic architecture, protecting the walls from water erosion.  The name, Gargoyle, is derived from the old French word gargouille, which means “throat”.  I, for one, have always been fascinated by the creature and find it to be quite beautiful, and surreal.SG546_original

There is an interesting piece of lore from the 7th Century which chronicles the dawn of the Gargoyle.  It is said that a legendary dragon lived in the River Seine annihilating the townsfolk of Rouen and keeping them all living in fear.  This creatures name was La Gargouille, and was eventually killed by St. Romanus, who was the Archbishop of Rouen at the time.  The dragons body was then burned, however the head and neck remained intact and was placed upon a building for all to see.

So many theories abound as to how, and why the architects of old designed the Gargoyle. Some claim it was the stone cutters who began the trend, inspired to create the dreaded creature from a passage in the bible, and marketing them as a way to banish evil. Soon Gargoyles were seated upon churches acting as guardians to frighten abhorrent spirits away. According to Adrienne Mayor, he believed they were created in the likeness of the skeletal remains and bones of dinosaurs, which were found by ancient paleontologists of the Greek and Roman people. sc321_original

While the true motive of the existence of these imposing guardians may never be known, they have been gracing our world for thousands of years.  The spirit of the Gargoyle provides us with the comforting thought that no harm will come to us.  Find your Gargoyle at and fill your life with peace, and security.     ~ Funky Wolf Cafe


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