Get Stoned at Funky Wolf Cafe

Published November 17, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

As far back as man can reach crystals and gemstones have been utilized for many purposes, particularly in religious circles.  The Koran, the Bible, and Grimoires all contain references to their use.  Buddhists tell of the SeleniteTowers_400wKalpa Tree which is made entirely out of precious stones, while during the Renaissance healers documented the use of certain crystals and stones to heal a variety of ailments.

Though there was a period of time when some tried to debunk the use of crystals and gemstones there are many tribal cultures that understood the power they contained and continued their use to present day.  GTMIXB_400w

Use of crystals and stones has been widespread.  The Chinese employ the properties of Jade to heal kidneys, the Mayans found turquoise gives one strength and health, and it is known that jasper brings about strength, and calm.

As we grow more enlightened we are realizing that these ancient people had it right all along.  The power in crystalsGPYQ_400w and stones can help balance your life, aid in healing, and protect us from negative energy.

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