The Art Which is Charlie Vagabond (Hayes)

Published November 17, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

600023_130684350407948_1846824912_nCharlie Vagabond (Hayes) is indisputably the paradigmatic spirit of living art.  When I first came across this fascinating man he thrilled me and my son as the Firebug who could dominate the elements of the South. Immense towers of flame spewed from his mouth as eloquently, and natural as that of a formidable dragon. If he ever feared, or struggled to create these amazing acts he never showed it,  for Charlie embodies this work of art with a casual ease clearly establishing that it is the essence of what courses through every cell of his being.

Charlie Vagabond is visual magick.

When a spirit is strong enough to prevail the elements of the South it cannot be contained, and must soon evolve to 616328_130684387074611_951184436_obecome fully developed.  And Charlie Vagabond is certainly developing.  He is expanding his journey in life by way of modeling for impressive photographers, and appearing in films.  His life is glamorous not because he is living in material grandeur, but because he is living.  One day he may be shooting for a new film, socializing with directors, producers, other actors, and the next day he is traveling on a bus with worn out shoes and borrowed money. Regardless of what he is doing this vagabond’s spirit is illuminating the way as a leader in fearless, courageous

LC Photography

LC Photography

living.  Namaste, my dear friend, Charlie Vagabond. Your light shines brilliantly in the lives you touch.  You can find this talented man at     ~Funky Wolf Cafe



Anton Martynov Photography

Anton Martynov Photography

Cat Hedlund Photography

Cat Hedlund Photography

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