Sun Wheel Ceremony

Published November 20, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

It’s Time for Our Annual Sun Wheel Ceremony!

by BETH on NOVEMBER 20, 2014

The Concept

It’s very simple. You only need a wreath and five candles. Starting with the first week, around dusk wherever you live, you’ll light one download (11)candle, meditate a bit, then extinguish the flame. The next week you light the first candle, and then a second one. And so on, until the final candle on Winter Solstice, Christmas, or both.

This ritual may remind you of the Christian tradition of lighting candles around an Advent wreath. That practice is descended from older Paganobservances that marked the advent of the Winter Solstice. (Advent simply means “the coming of”).

You can easily adapt this to be in harmony with your own dreams, desires, and beliefs. I encourage you to join the countless families and individuals throughout the world, Christians and non- , and to share it with your friends and beloveds.

An Age of Changedownload (12)

  • We have hit several ecological milestones, from climate change to massive extinctions, and from which, we are warned, there may be no turning back.
  • Since 2004, over 6,300 American troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • We have seen the birth of social media, rogue terrorists, Google, the specter of an Ebola pandemic, the growing support for same-sex marriage, the widespread acceptance of formerly alternative medicine, cell phones, deadly tsunamis, and constant digital connectivity.
  • And we have seen the steady rise of ignorance and extremism, as old racial, territorial, sexist, and religious bigotries flare up and are fed.

    images (7)The Intention

    For this year’s intention, given this window of time-out-of-time, this magical moment between the inhale and the exhale, where all possibilities, dreams, and the eons themselves are stirring with rebirth, we have an enormous opportunity to join forces for transformation.

    Let us therefore weave our prayers in a global Circle, with our wreath honoring the great Circle that is the Divine One. Lighting our weekly candles with our awareness on the four quarter points, we anchor our vision into manifestation.

Please visit for complete information and details.  Let this be the year of being proactive for change in our world.  I pray that we will all join together, no matter what your path is, to embrace this ritual to grow peace and tolerance in our lives.  And thank you, Beth Owl’s Daughter, for bringing us together.  Namaste, luvs.     ~ Funky Wolf Cafeholding-hands-on-beach-1024x656

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