Kwan Yin and the goldfish – a story for Yule

Published December 10, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Once upon a time there was a goldfish. It was a pretty goldfish with long beautiful fins. She lived in a pond that was full of koi. They were very old koi and she loved to listen to their stories. The one named Hanako was over 200 years old! Hanako was a brilliant red koi and the goldfish loved to swim near her. Hanako had the best stories. The things that she had seen and the places to where she had moved were fascinating but the little goldfish loved the stories about koi becoming dragons the best.

If a koi swam up a waterfall they could become a dragon. The little goldfish wanted to be a dragon. She wanted to become a dragon so badly! The kings and queens of the air still passed overhead occasionally and Hanako would point them out to the little goldfish. Hanako said it used…

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