Developing Your Spiritual Practice

Published December 11, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The First Steps

Spend some time contemplating what is written in this poem. Envision it as the steps you move through as you prepare for the sacred work of “you”. Breathe into the words and enliven them with your feeling, your intent and your will. Allow them to move through you empowering you as you set to the task of crafting what will become your own tools of practice…

I sit in a place of quiet
And the tensions of the day
Fall like droplets of water at my feet.

Before me is a candle of light
That opens my mind to the
Potential that lays within.

Below me is the floor of
My home that is the
Strength and foundation
That supports and holds
Me in its warm embrace.

Above me is the shelter that
Keeps me warm and dry as
The elements rage and winter
Takes its icy…

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