Become a Juiceaholic

Published December 15, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Benefits of juicing

Juices are good for you and your body. It can even help you to lose weight by losing the extra fat stored in your body. Juices also help you to cleanse your system and thereby lose weight. Juices that are good for weight loss are mostly vegetable juices. They juicingoffer you better nutrition with less amount of sugar and lower calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, juices should be the main part of your menu. You should also include loss of protein sources like meats, fish, poultry; whole grains; nuts and fruits and vegetables.

Choose green juices

Go for home-made juices that are made from fresh vegetables. These juices will give you higher amounts of vitamins, minerals green-juiceand different phytonutrients. You will get all these in a concentrated but low calorie form. You also need to include celery, spinach, parsley, apple and ginger in your diet to lose weight. Including these elements to your green juice will help you to drink the bitter greens. You can have these juices along with your meals or you can replace one meal with just juice. However, it doesn’t mean that you can replace all your meals with green juices because if you do so, you will not get the necessary protein, healthy fats, fiber and you may feel dizzy and hungry and may not be able to function in the right way.

Choose healthy juices

You can also go for fruit juice when you are trying to lose weight but you will need to look into the calories you are taking in every day. If you’re going for fruit juices, go for 100% juice. Do not use the filler juices which include fruit concentrates and lots of calorie and sugar. Prune juice is very important because it can help you by elevating the bloating due to constipation. Vegetable-JuicesOn the other hand, orange juice and grapefruit juice are important juice elements because they add low calories. They also offer vitamins C and potassium to your body. Instead of having pomegranate juices, you can have the fruit itself because it will add some fiber and antioxidants to your body. Pomegranate juice is a high calorie juice and it may be better for you to avoid it when you’re trying to lose weight.

Avoid sugary juices

You should always avoid juices which are laced with lots of sugar. While buying juices, read the labels the packet. Some juices like cranberry can be actually blends including lots of sugar. In that case, they may be similar to soda and the sugary soft drinks.

Avoid high sodium juices

You should also avoid high sodium juices. High sodium is not good for your health. Too much of sodium can Cause your body to retain water and in that case, you will not be able to lose weight. Be careful while buying packaged vegetable juices because they often contain high amounts of sodium.unhealthy

Be careful while going for a juice only diet

If you are going for a juice only diet, you should be very careful and find the right diet for you. Choosing just any juice only diet may help you to lose weight initially, but you may regain the lost weight within a short time. That is why, it is important to choose the juice only diet which has credibility and lots of people are vouching for it.

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