Tips on living a minimalist life!

Published December 16, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe


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1. Do you really need that?

Most of us buy that we don’t really need; and it just clutters our homes. The next time you think about buying something, ask your self ‘why?’, minimalist living is trying to live without lot’s of things that you never use. If you do have things you don’t use, why not give it to a charity shop, because a) it helps the charity, and b) someone else could be needing the thing you have, and will use it!

2. Avoid buying things just to impress other people.

Everyone wants to fit in somewhere, but, to do that, we need to live by our authentic selves. We don’t live by our authentic selves when we aim to please each others through material possessions, that we don’t need.

3. Use your money correctly.

We only gain short term happiness from material products, that’s why we live…

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