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Published December 18, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Fireside Witch

Being of mixed heritage is no guarantee of co-existence.  Often times, siblings will select different paths to follow of the many they were exposed to growing up.  In my case, while my sister and I shared the role of altar girls in the Anglican Church, she did not have any interest in learning, participating or enjoying the beauty of the other paths within our heritage.  Now as adults, my heritage can only be passed on in two ways, through her children, and through you all.

Every year, I plan and hope that my sister and I would celebrate both our traditions with her kids.  The Winter Solstice, and Christmas. Taking this time of universal peace and hope to set our differences aside and be a family again. But sadly, it just never happens.  It can at times be very heartbreaking, and frustrating, especially since she has always taken care to ensure the children…

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