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Published December 20, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe
Gerald Gardner's BOS

Gerald Gardner’s BOS

If you’re looking to start a BOS or add to your BOS, Funky Wolf Cafe has a section which can be found on FaceBook to help you.

I try to collect what I feel will be helpful to all though this is not a comprehensive list by any means.  It is vital that your BOS be personal to you.  It is your magickal diary BBBU138_400wand can contain anything you want it to from spells to recipes.  This is a place where you can be free to let your magickal spirit roam and be uncompromising.

Rather than spending time researching and trying to get it “right” just put in it what is important for you to remember.  Mine is filled with pictures, notes, rituals, the wiccan rede, and thoughts that are beyond the mundane.  It is a place where you can voice a belief, and then tweak it, and change as you grow into your path.

Meditate, look deep into your soul, and you’ll find what is magickal diary worthy and what is not for the information is already within you.  You only have to dig it up and remember.  Your private oasis from the mundane world will grow into many volumes of living information that is YOURS.

BBBLD452_400w Every day I strive to journal for 3 pages, and my 9 year old son has a goal of 1 page.  We have fun doing this every morning, and yes, he has his own BOS.  Won’t it be interesting for him to go back to his magickal childhood when he’s a grown man and see the changes and expansion in his life!

At we have different styles of books to choose from, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, ask!  The Wolf loves a challenge and will be happy to track down what you need.  Namaste, luvs, and happy magickal journaling!  BBBLBOOS_400w


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