How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed Easily in Your Own Home

Published December 29, 2014 by FunkyWolfCafe

Lemons are a very important vitamin-rich citrus fruit that can enhance your beauty, your body, and your health. When you consume them every day, it can be easy to run out, so why not grow them yourself, and make it so much easier on yourself.Citrus_lemon

They are so easy to grow, and they make such a lovely plant to have in your home. It requires very little effort you will be thanking me and yourself in the long run!

Start by slicing the lemon in half and picking out the seeds. Rinse the seeds with warm water, and rub off as much of the lemon flesh as possible. This helps to prevent rot.

Plant the seeds a half inch deep in the potting soil, moisten slightly, and cover the top of the pot with plastic wrap, this is to keep everything nice and moist. The seeds will not tolerate dryness. Check the soil daily and make sure it is not drying out. Put the plant into the sunlight, it will take a bit of time but you should see a sprout in no more than two months. As the plant grows, move to a bigger pot.


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