Funky Readings from the Wolf

Published January 2, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

voyager-00-fool-child-detailFrom a young age I had a very special gift, a gift of knowing, of seeing.  I kept it hidden, only sharing some glimpses, quite by accident, because I grew up being taught my gift was a very bad thing.  I buried it and in doing so became so very lost in the world.

Slowly, or should I say rather timidly, I began to allow my gift to venture out to a very select few, soon regretting it as I convinced myself I was not intuitive, but lucky at guessing.'You were a boring accountant in ten previous lives.'

Thankfully, the right people started coming into my life.  The no bullshit, no holds barred people that weren’t afraid to call a duck a duck.  And they were impressed with what I could do.  🙂

So now I am really taking the leap and venturing forward with my gift.  After years of being a closet intuitive I am going beyond the private readings and offering this blessed gift for all to benefit from.  Oh, and for legal reasons I must issue a disclaimer that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  So come on over to the cafe and get entertained!  Namaste, luvs.the-moon (48)




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