Full Wolf Moon 🐺

Published January 4, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

10393579_276674582456537_7695442644052978048_nOh my, our first Full Moon of 2015!!! The Wolf Moon If you’re looking for a push to set your newly created goals and New Year’s resolutions into motion, the first Full Moon of 2015 ~ the Wolf Moon ~ will not disappoint. It packs a powerful planetary punch and delivers just the right mix of “driving” energy to give us a kick start to the year ahead.

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be highlighted at the peak of this Full Moon which takes place on Jan. 4, 2015. The energy of Cancer (our caretaker within) and Capricorn (our ambitious side) will come out in full swing. We might feel the tug to balance these two sides in order to get ahead and do what we intended to do.

There will also be a push happening behind the scenes – which you might call an unconscious drive. Transformational Pluto will make a show stopper appearance at the peak of this Full Moon empowering us to get things done. We’re ready to say goodbye to old patterns of the past that we’ve already determined don’t work for us. That Capricorn push will help us put our foot down and say, “It’s time to take a stand and achieve my goals.”

Now getting what we want is never quite that easy, but this Full Moon does mark another turning point in pushing us a little closer to it. You can expect to feel a pull – maybe between the demands and devotion of your loved ones (Cancer) to what it is you’re aiming to do (Capricorn). This Full Moon will push us to be courageous somewhere and simply not take “no” as an answer. However there are some things to contend to if you do this. With a Grand Cross (challenging planetary combination) peaking between the signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra you should gear up for a balancing act in several areas.

Our responsibilities and ambitions (Capricorn) + the people we care about (Cancer) + our desire to start something new (Aries) + our ability to compromise and work as a team (Libra) will all be pulled in different directions. It’s rough to be pulled in so many ways but it’s the universe’s call to help you. This Full Moon is going to push you to balance all of these energies out while helping you ultimately get done what you have to. Let’s face it ~ some of us just need a little push when it comes to the tough stuff.

And if you can’t help that feeling to “get up and go” into 2015 ~ don’t stress. The planetary energies will certainly be there fueling you forward. Via Crystal B.

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