Herbal Talismans in kitchen witchcraft – Introduction

Published January 8, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

Kitchen Witchcraft


The practice of kitchen witchcraft is most often defined as an incorporation of magical, ritual activities into everyday housekeeping chores. As is usual in witchcraft, the particulars are up to every practitioner: whether we do more witchcraft than chores, or vice versa, whether we treat the chore as a magical rite (though never a magical rite as a chore!), or devise a special ritual that incorporates the housekeeping… whatever we do is up to us because it is our home.

Personally, I am a very practical witch: You may have noticed there’s far more cooking here than spells. I like my activities to be useful, and to result in more than purely ritualistic satisfaction. Perhaps that’s why there are no crystals hanging from variously coloured threads in my house. However, I do keep quite a bit of various herbal talismans.

The great thing about them is that they can be just as practically useful…

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3 comments on “Herbal Talismans in kitchen witchcraft – Introduction

    • Magick is knowing how to manipulate energy and can be done for positive or negative. If you work negative energy it will come back on you and become your life as it is what you attract. Like you, I prefer to attract the positive in my life. Namaste, sister.

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      • Exactly, whatever energy we spread connects with the same engery outside of us and therefore shows the corresponding manifestations. Let’s stick with the positive and cheerful side :).

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