Published March 4, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

Souls, Spots, and Sunglare

We were a mess before entering Shallowville, but we were still connected.  Time had beat us up a bit, we were just too young to notice it yet. Neither one of us was happy, but we didn’t talk about that. We didn’t talk about much anymore.
Shallowville appeared on the horizon looking bold and new.  There was a feeling of adventures and excitement waiting there for us. We ran to it. Upon arrival it was quite apparent, it was not as new as we thought. It resonated with nostalgia.  Childhood friends and former coworkers greeted us.  Pictures of the our old neighborhoods hung on the wall.

We entered with our hearts open and our eyes smiling. This was it. This was what was missing, this is what we needed. It was buzzing with info on  almost all our old friends.  Messages were sent, plans were made. It was better than any reunion ever imagined. It was so…

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