Conjure Some Love For Conjure House

Published April 3, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

Kevin Boswell
Campaign Team

Excellence in the esoteric arts!

Conjure Campaign

  • Amid the overfamiliar landscape of grocers, coffee shops and historic churches of Durham, NC, stands an enigmatic structure… a house of conjure, bearing the perplexing name of Thaumaturgy 777. It’s proprietor is Magus, a musician, poet, occultist and Conjure Coach. He works with select, private clients to create strategic, innovative solutions to a variety of problems, both magickal and mundane.

    Steeped in two decades of practice with the tarot, astrology and ritual, Magus uses a diversity of methods to peer onto the astral plane to gather information, identify objectives and manifest those goals on the material. Standing in the gap between the witch doctor and the life coach, working at the crossroads where Hoodoo, Pagan and Ceremonial Magick meet, Magus helps intrepid individuals to a deep place of understanding, with a new set of skills from which to draw.

    Magus is an initiate of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a graduate of Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and he’s versed in various other Pagan practices of spell work and divination. As a life coach, he is educated through Robbins-Madanes Training.

    Established in 2010, Thaumaturgy 777 is an exclusive supply house of occult goods, offering up the finest in custom materia magica, those requisite articles of ritual magick… candles, books, powders, incenses, herbs, oils and curios.

What You Get… What Thaumaturgy 777 Gets…

  • It’s time to expand the shop and the goal is $12,000.
  • The funds will be used to purchase inventory, new shelving, furniture, a second computer and salary for an employee. Its also time to upgrade to an actual cash register 😉
  • You get to be a very special part of this radical overhaul and you’ll get some really exciting, exclusive stuff for yourself at the same time!
  • Logically, the first concerns are always rent, bills and inventory. Beyond that, the financial contributions will go to the items that are needed most, in a sensible order.
  • If the goal is surpassed, then all additional funds will go to the next project, which is a Pagan community center, called Heka House, named after Hekate, the Goddess of witchcraft and heka, a term that means magick and the liminal spaces, between the worlds. The building that Thaumaturgy 777 already occupies is itself, a large and liminal world unto itself, being highly ideal for such a venture. The vision is to turn this space into a place where various groups can meet and those in need can receive whatever immediate assistance we might be able to provide or point in the direction of. This might be as simple as sharing a hot meal or giving someone a ride to a doctor or the Food Bank.

The Impact

  • This is a small business in the truest sense of the word. It’s a chance for you to be a champion for the little guy, helping many to experience some real magick, devoid of Hollywood froufrou and sensational commercialism. The only other such shops are all more than 45 minutes away, in any direction. There’s nothing like 777, anywhere else in Durham.
  • Thaumaturgy 777 is fast approaching its 5th year in business. 5 years seems to be the magick number for businesses and I will be there this summer. There have been really good times and some exceedingly stressful times, even where it looked like I wouldn’t make it at all, no matter what I did. Yet, the rough weather has been harbored and the future looks quite bright, indeed. There are lots of new things opening up right around the shop, such as Cocoa Cinnamon, a very popular coffee shop and Gregoria’s Cuban Steakhouse is a fabulous eatery, right across the street. Only a fraction of a mile from 9th Street, the shop is now surrounded by great new businesses like Panera Bread, Harris Teeter and more.
  • I started Thaumaturgy 777 out of my bedroom in 2010 and used a sum of personal funds (less than $3000) to start out in a tiny, two room physical location, less than a year later. After almost a year in that little space, Thaumaturgy 777 was upgraded (through some generous mojo from Jupiter) to a 3,600 square foot house on Hillsborough Rd in Durham. The shop is currently only two of those rooms but now there is a dedicated Temple space where I do private ritual and workings for patrons, there is a lab where the incenses, teas, bath mixes, oils, etc are mixed and a private office where I meet with patrons for conjure coaching. Additionally, I live in the building and there is a very large conference room where large workshops and group rituals are held.

Risks & Challenges

  • Indiegogo says I should honestly assess the risks of this, since people appreciate transparency. I know that’s true. So, here it is. Honestly, I have done everything the hard way, from day one. Part of that is a lack of business training; I went into this blind and taught myself all of it. Part of it is a thick-headed stubbornness that is both a blessing and a curse. My Cancer sun and Virgo ascendent means that it has to be my way and really, that is the only reason the products are as good as they are and the services are as solid as they are. Yet, I realize that any strength becomes a weakness, when taken too far. Yet, I am constantly reading, studying, asking questions and petitioning my Deities for aid. All this keeps me on track and most people would have folded by now, yet I am still here… against all odds.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some of you are just not able to contribute right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • You’ll be doing me a HUGE service if you’ll take just a moment and share this on your Facebook or other social media site, or if you will put it on your own website or pass it to a list serve, absolutely anything you can think of, it will be highly appreciated. Indiegogo has share tools! So, check those out!
  • You can also volunteer time to come in and help. There’s always a lot to do here.
  • Other things needed are yard work and greenery (indoor and out), a carpenter to build shelving and any kind of furniture that is in good shape, as in tables, couches, folding chairs, etc. I also can use the expertise of anyone who understands Quickbooks or can help me streamline the operation in any way, be that legal issues, packaging, supplier tips or anything useful, in any way.
  • Most of all, make any contribution you can, however small, because they add up quickly and share the link for this! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to make an old-fashioned conjure house come alive in Durham!

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