Red Mole Sauce The Haunting Quest

Published May 29, 2015 by FunkyWolfCafe

Pam's Tactical Kitchen


Playing with Mole Sauce

Up date on this recipe;   E-Z Beef & Red Mole with Avocado Pit; Paleo, Gluten Free

Every indigenous cuisine has food that dreams are made of.  A long time ago, (25 years or more)  my husband and I enjoyed a dish at a restaurant called Valverde’s on Fremont St. in Stockton Ca. There was an older gentleman there, I think the owners father, who made the most incredible Chille Colorado I’ve ever tasted. The restaurant is now defunct, and I believe the gentlemen dead.  It was said the old man would spend 2 days preparing the Mole sauce.  The hauntingly succulent and fascinatingly complex sauce, I have never found again.  The good news is I will never stop working on my own recipe . With every attempt I learn new info, such as after this latest batch, I’ve read some recipes that call for the dry peppers to be charred before hydrating, and for the addition of avocado pit.  Next time…

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