Green Chef Review

Published June 4, 2016 by FunkyWolfCafe

Have you ever heard of Green Chef?  They are a food delivery company which I happened to stumble upon just recently.  They advertise “Fresh organic ingredients. Healthy, flavorful meals. Right at your doorstep.”  And they are running a deal for first time foodies, three free meals, no commitment, and no shipping.  Yes, free.  Completely, and totally free.  Yeah, I didn’t believe it either until I placed my order.  And ya know what?  Today the FedEx truck dropped off a refrigerated box brimming with beautiful, organic food!

My son and I were so excited to open the box and start examining what was inside.  The food certainly is fresh, plentiful, and color coded so you know what ingredient goes with what recipe card…which is also color coded.  Everything was well packed and insulated, and that’s an important aspect as I live in Arizona and it was 108 degrees out when it was delivered.  No matter, the box was so cold after we emptied it we wanted to jump in to cool off!

So what did we get for absolutely free, you ask?!?  Let me tell you, oh wait, let me show you…

All of this yummy goodness was fabulously packed in the box waiting for us to decided what to cook, and what to put away.  It was a hard choice, then the lovely Steak and Summer Squash won out.  Or rather, we won out because it was perfect.  The recipe cards are so easy to follow, and the food cooked up to perfection.  The amazing part is that when you’re done plating it looks just like the picture, and clean up is such a breeze.

Their website is an open book into where they obtain their ingredients, and feature responsible, sustainable sources.  You get to choose your delivery day, what weeks you want delivery, and the meal plan that suits your family size, and eating habits.  Once you place your order you can immediately go in and postpone, or cancel any further deliveries. Though I honestly don’t believe anyone would want to cancel once they try this amazing service, it is comforting to know that that option is so easily available.

So follow this link,  to get your free meals as a gift from the Wolf, and enjoy a more convenient way to shop, and eat!  Mangia Bene!



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